Film and musical numbersEdit

A partial listing of Dean's films and musical numbers includes:

  • The Renegade Trail as Singing Cowboy "Red" (1939)
  • Rolling Home to Texas as a sheriff (1940)
  • The Harmony Trail as Marshal Eddie Dean, his first starring role (1944)
  • Wildfire as Sheriff Johnny Deal (1945); performing "On the Banks of the Sunny San Juan" and "By the Sleepy Rio Grande"
  • Song of Old Wyoming as Himself (1945); performing "Hills of Old Wyoming", "My Herdin' Song", and "Wild Prairie Rose"
  • Colorado Serenade" as Himself (1946); performing "Riding On Top of the Mountain", "Western Lullaby", "Ridin' Down To Rawhide", and "Home on the Range"
  • Down Missouri Way as Himself (1946); performing "Old Missouri Hayride"
  • Romance of the West" as Himself (1946); performing Ridin' the Trail To Dreamland", "Love Song of the Waterfall", and "Indian Dawn
  • Tumbleweed Trail as Himself (1946); performing "Tumbleweed Trail", "Lonesome Cowboy", and "Careless Darlin'"
  • Stars over Texas as Himself (1946); performing "Stars Over Texas", "Sands of the Old Rio Grande", and "Fifteen Hundred and One Miles of Texas"
  • Range Beyond the Blue as Himself (1947); performing "West of the Pecos", "Range Beyond the Blue", and "Pony With the Uncombed Hair"
  • Wild Country as Himself (1947); performing "Wild Country", "Saddle With a Golden Horn", and "Ain't No Gal Got a Brand On Me"
  • The Westward Trail as Himself (1948); performing Cathy", "It's Courtin' Time", and "Westward Trail"
  • The Tioga Kid as Clip Mason (1948); performing "Driftin' River", "Way Back In Oklahoma", "Ain't No Gal Got A Brand On Me"
  • Black Hills as Himself (1948); performing "Black Hills", "Punchinello", and "Let's Go Sparkin'"[1]

Dean also appeared in the Hopalong Cassidy adventure film series.