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Eustace Pockle

Eustace Pockle is Hooterville and Pixley's only but harmless criminal. He is a pickpocket with a severe case of uncontrollable kleptomania, often taking things from people and stores when no one's looking and because of this he regularly ends up in the Pixley Jail under the custody of Sheriff Vic Crandall with whom he shares an unusually casual relationship, as the sheriff receives 4 dollars a day when Eustace is in his custody. Eustace is a very kind-hearted fellow and does not mean any harm as he simply cannot control himself, and in truth most of everyone in the valley treats him as a friendly nuisance and consider his thieving antics as just another ordinary part of their day.

Behind the Scenes[]

Eustace was played by Ben Lessy.