Floyd Smoot

Floyd Smoot

Floyd Smoot is the loyal conductor of the Hooterville Cannonball and along with his train partner Charley Pratt are responsible for the train's continued service and well being.


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Behind the ScenesEdit

Floyd was played by Rufe Davis. After the death of Smiley Burnette in 1967, Charley Pratt's character was retired and Rufe's character Floyd was made both the conductor and engineer of the Cannonball until he too was replaced by Wendell Gibbs (played by Byron Foulger). Rufe would then return for two more appearances as Floyd before the series ended. Charley's fate was never directly stated onscreen, but in the episode "Its Not Easy to Be a Mother" Floyd solemnly expresses that he still likes to call to the engine and pretend that Charley is still there waiting for him to which Kate responds with a solemn pat of understanding, indicating that Charley's character died as well and there were no intentions to bring him back with a new actor, likely out of respect for Smiley.