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Beverly Hillbillies
Season 1, Episode 13
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Episode Information
Air date December 19, 1962
Written by Paul Henning
Directed by Richard Whorf
Buddy Ebsen Jed Clampett
Irene Ryan Granny
Donna Douglas Elly May
Max Baer, Jr. Jethro
Raymond Bailey Mr. Drysdale
Nancy Kulp Jane Hathaway
Episode Guide
The Great Feud
No Place Like Home

Home for Christmas was the thirteenth episode of season one. The episode originally aired on December 19, 1962.


Hoping to make a surprise return trip to their Ozark home for Christmas, the Clampett family embarks upon their first airplane ride. As amazed as they are when their "fancy train" takes flight, the Clampetts are even more astonished by the in-flight Western movie, convinced that they're being besieged by wild Indians. Unbeknownst to them, Cousin Pearl has decided to head westward and visit the Clampetts' Beverly Hills mansion. Ventriloquist Paul_Winchell appears as Pearl's ancient suitor Homer "Grandpa" Winch. "Home for Christmas" originally aired on December 17, 1962. Hal Erickson, Rovi Rovi