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Jedediah "Jed" Clampett
Jim Varney as Jed Clampett.png
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Relationships Elly May Clampett (Daughter), Daisy "Granny" May Moses (Mother-In-Law), Jethro Bodine (Nephew)
Interests Hunting, Sponge Cake, Listening to Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry", and Raising his Daughter
Occupation Patriarch of The Clampett Family, Billionaire
Portrayer Jim Varney

In the 1993 adaptation film, Jedediah "Jed" Clampett is portrayed by Jim Varney. The head of the family with his mother-in-law Daisy May Moses aka Granny, nephew Jethro Bodine and only daughter Elly May.

In the Film[]

In the beginning, Jed lives with his daughter Elly May and mother-in-law Daisy May Moses, often referred to as Granny, in a backwoods Cabin in Arkansas. One Day Jed was hunting with the family dog Duke, who spotted a big Jackrabbit, they chase after the critter and Jed takes a shot at it but missed and strikes oil in the swamp. the oil bubbles up from the riffle shot and spews up in the air covering Jed as it rains down.

sometime later a couple of oil company advisers offers Jed 1 Billion dollars for his land. Jed is on the fence about signing the papers to sell his land, But after a incident with Elly May assaulting a man from Ozark Mountain and Oil, Jed decides to sign the contract and move his family to Beverly Hills, California.

Jed moves his daughter, mother-in-law, and nephew Jethro to Beverly Hills, They drive there in Jethro's old dilapidated truck with their possessions. When the Clampetts arrive to their new estate they are mistaken for as burglars by Miss Jane Hathaway and Clampett Clan are arrested. Upon learning of Miss Jane's mistake at the police station they are then released. Mr. Drysdale then fires Miss Jane however Jed insist that he wants her watch over his affairs, reckon she had done what she done because she didn't know who they were.

Later that evening, the Drysdales attend dinner at The Clampett estate. when Woodrow Tyler, suddenly stops by to present The Clampett family with a bouquet of flowers. Tyler introduces himself to Elly May and goes to kiss her hand, she mistakes it as him trying to bite her hand, then she performs an arm twist and slams Tyler to the floor. A shocked Jed, shouts "Elly May Clampett!" and demands her to stand Tyler back up. Elly May picks Tyler up with force and Mr. Drysdale requires Tyler to apologize who simply obliges. He states to Mr. Clampett, "my fault complete", that he "move too quickly" and that he has a "beautiful daughter and very strong."

Jed then asking Mrs. Drysdale "what could help Elly May become as refined as you?" She suggest a French Tutor and possibly moving to France. Mr. Drysdale declines that suggestion immediately and thinks a French Tutor will come to their front door.

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