Diedrich Bader as Jethro Bodine

Jethro Bodine is played by Diedrich Bader in the 1993 feature film adaptation.

In the Film Edit

Jethro, along with his mother Pearl, is see driving to his Uncle Jed's house for Sunday Supper. As they are driving his mother asks him if he changed to brake on the truck, which Jethro replies,"of course, I took them off yesterday...The new ones are coming in the mail..Next week." After hearing this information, Pearl begins to scream frantically. As Jethro pulls into his Uncle Jed's cabin his car can't slow down enough and bangs into The Clampett's Out House. Granny, who is the Out House, is completely shaken by the altercation. Once she realizes it Jethro's fault she begins to scream, shout and attacks Jethro, with Pearl trying to calm her down. 

At that Nights Supper, Pearl and Jethro talk to Jed, about how he is going to become the riches man in the county. Pearl comments on how they live,with "No T.V., No Telephone, and No Radio." Jed replies, "We are living in Paradise!" to which Pearl say, "No Jed! Paradice is some place like Beverly Hills, California." Jethro states "they got Swimming Pools and Movie Stars!" Pearl also suggests Jed should get remarried so that Elly May will have someone to teach her "womanly ways." Jethro after hearing this teases Elly May, about wearing dresses and acting lady-like! 

1993 Feature Film Jethro Bodine Edit

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