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Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin
Director: Richard Whorf
Producer: Paul Henning
Writer(s): Paul Henning
Released: October 10, 1962
Channel: CBS
Season: 1
Episode: 3

Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin was the third episode of season one. The episode originally aired on October 10, 1962.


The Clampetts are having trouble becoming accustomed to their new Beverly Hills mansion, especially that music starts a-playin' just before someone shows up at the door. Hoping to impress the Clampetts, banker Drysdale informs them that the chandelier in their new home belonged to Louis XIV. Digesting this information, Jed Clampett assures Drysdale that they don't mind havin' a few second-hand items around the house. Meanwhile, Granny can't get over her nostalgia for her humble home in the Ozarks.

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