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Mignon is the pampered yorkshire terrier of Lisa Douglas who was forced to move from New York to Hooterville with her owner by Oliver Wendell Douglas after he set out to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a farmer.


Mignon is a very spoiled little dog who is also very cowardly, and even gets easily frightened by rabbits. Being a pampered city dog, she was not accustomed to the activities common to country dogs, and would prefer to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities as much as possible. Because of her cowardly nature, she would often spend her time hiding somewhere within the Douglas farm house and would only leave unless obligated by Oliver to get exercise or play with other local animals like Arnold Ziffel.

She was also the on and off again mate of the Dog from the Shady Rest Hotel.


Petticoat Junction[]

Green Acres[]

Behind the Scenes[]

Mignon and her double.

Two separate dogs played the part of Mignon and they were one of the many animals trained by Frank Inn. The character of Mignon appeared frequently in season 1 and semi-frequently in season 2, but following seasons featured her rarely if at all and she was the only animal from the original series not featured in Return to Green Acres.