Mr. Haney

Mr. Haney

Mr. Haney (full name: Eustace Charleston Haney) is Hooterville's sneaky and notorious conman and one of its two and only major proprietors of goods alongside Sam Drucker, but unlike Sam, everything he sells is either overpriced, damaged or poorly made, with very few of his wares ever being of any decent quality. He is also the head of many self-owned (and crooked) businesses, such as an antique store, an airplane service, an animal rental, a taxi service, a home renovation service, an unemployment agency, several delivery services, and a chicken watching service, just to name a few and all of which he is the sole employee and manager of.


Green AcresEdit

Petticoat JunctionEdit

Return to Green AcresEdit

By the time of the events in Return to Green Acres, Mr. Haney has not changed his conning ways at all after many years and now runs a popular hotel in Hooterville which mostly gets guests due to false advertising.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Mr. Haney was played by famed character actor Pat Buttram. The character of Mr. Haney was regularly portrayed as an antagonist in Green Acres, as his character often swindled and took advantage of Oliver for his own gain, as well as the rest of Hooterville, and by the time of Return to Green Acres, the character was portrayed as borderline villainous.