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Pixley is a large town near Hooterville and possibly the largest town in the valley. Pixley, despite being considered a simple and underpopulated country town of around equal standing as its neighbors Hooterville and Crabwell Corners, is said to have a number of things which might make one think that it is a city, and it seems to hold control over important resources for both Hooterville and Crabwell Corners, such as the power company, which oversees power distribution for everyone in the valley, and a branch of the department of agriculture which oversees farming activity throughout the valley.


The town is shown to have a supermarket, a movie theater, a radio station, a TV station, a tiny international airport and a more efficient post office (which is responsible for sending out Hooterville's out of town mail). Several important departments are also stationed in Pixley, such as a licensing division, a building department, a municipal court, a commerce building, an animal control division, a county health department and several other surprisingly important facilities for such a small town, all of which handle their affairs in a very strict, bureaucratic and financially tiring manner that is almost as tyrannical as anything in a big city, at least on two occasions, while in other occasions some of these institutions seem to be nonexistent or very lax in nature like Hooterville, as shown with Oliver Wendell Douglas' encounters with them. Because of this, the nature of Pixley is usually inconsistent, varying between a simple town like that of Hooterville and Crabwell Corners (with a few extra modern conveniences) to being portrayed as something of a small city with an odd number of big city features, although one can assume some these features usually become unneeded or underused due to the town's small population and end up packing their bags as soon as they're founded; some such examples being the power company's nonexistent clientele and the branch of the department of agriculture's laid back operations.


  • The Shady Rest Hotel used to be located smack dab on the county border of Hooterville and Pixley before it was moved by Kate Bradley after having had enough of Pixley's insufferable and costly bureaucracy.
    • Part of the Douglas farm is also part of Pixley.