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Selma Plout

Selma Plout is the nosiest and uptight busybody in Hooterville and a regular rival to Kate Bradley. She is also the mother of Dan and Henrietta Plout.


Selma is a selfish and smug woman who sees herself as superior to most and shares a civil rivalry with Kate Bradley who she is often envious towards due to Kate's high standing in the community and the fact that she's the head of the Every Other Wednesday Afternoon Discussion Club. She is sneaky and conniving, willing to do many devious things to get the better of Kate Bradley or anyone who stands in the way of her goals, such as keeping Billie Jo Bradley from ruining her daughter's chances with Steve Elliott, tricking Uncle Joe Carson into marriage or even using her own daughter to achiever her goals. Despite her rivalry and social hostility towards Kate, they are still civil enough to act as acquaintances and Kate is more willing to serve as a friend to Selma despite the latter's self-absorbed attitude.

Behind the Scenes[]

"Tillie Finney"

Selma was played by Elvia Allman throughout the show's run. Strangely in one episode "Hooterville a Go Go", a different yet identical character in terms of personality called Tillie Finney replaced Selma Plout in the Lady's Club for this one episode. Tillie was played by Maudie Prickett.