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Sonny Drysdale (Louis Nye) is a character from the Beverly Hillbillies TV show that aired from 1962 to 1971 on CBS. Sonny is the son of Margaret Drysdale; his father (unknown) is deceased. Throughout the Beverly Hillbillies TV series Sonny's stepfather is Milburn Drysdal, who happens to be a bank president. Sonny and his mother moved to California from Boston, although they still have a house in Boston where Sonny and Mrs. Drysdale spend most of their time. Sonny and his mother are supposedly "nobility" because their ancestors came directly from the Mayflower. Because of this Sonny feels superior to others and despises rich people who are not apart of the "nobility"


Sonny Drysdale is introduced into the series as an actor, who has been to multiple universities for drama such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, etc. Sonny is extremely narcissistic and a very whiny person, acting as like a child although he is an adult. Even though he is an adult, Sonny lives with his mother and stepfather, whining whenever he has a disagreement with them or when he does'nt get his way (Pygmalion and Elly, Elly Races Jethrine). Although Sonny is very childish in behaviour, he is also a very educated man with an extensive knowledge of literature and the language arts. Sonny was introduced into the series as a "playmate" for Elly Mae since Jethro would be going to school. (Jethro Goes to School). The rest of the Clampett family see Sonny as the man for Elly, expecting him to eventually marry her. Ironically, Sonny has no intentions of marrying Elly at all; instead he wants to turn her into the the "perfect" woman. During his dates with Elly he tries to romantically woo her, and at the same time he tries to mold her into his "perfect" woman. All of his attempts where in vain though, because Elly only saw him as a playmate, and had no romantic interest in him whatsoever (Elly Races Jethrine).