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Steve Elliott is a crop duster in Hooterville who became a loyal friend of the Bradleys and eventually went on to marry Betty Jo Bradley and together they had two children, Kathy Jo Elliot and a second unknown child.


Steve is a very kind and friendly individual with a love for singing and flying. During his bachelor days, he was a bit of womanizer who could not resist beautiful women and it was his womanizing ways which fortunately intertwined his fate with that of the Bradleys. He is shown to care about them as though they were his own kin and he was gladly welcomed into their family, and even more so after his marriage to Betty Jo.


Petticoat Junction[]

Behind the Scenes[]

Steve was played by Mike Minor. While Steve was not on Petticoat Junction from its humble beginnings, he proved to be a popular character with fans and maintained a recurring major role in the series from his debut to the show's end.